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Swim spas and hot tubs

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Swim Spa SJE-1500

Full price 28.090 €
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Size 457 x 232 x 140 cm

Swim Spa SJE-1700

Full price 29.390 €
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Size 517 x 232 x 140 cm

Swim Spa SJE-1900

Full price 30.390 €
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Size 579 x 232 x 140 cm

Swim Spa SJE

Full price 30.390 €
Ask for financing Call for details
Size 579 x 232 x 140 cm

The countercurrent pools or swim spas are the best solution to combine the sports with the benefits of the spa as they represent a technological advantage over the traditional pool. Their impressive countercurrent machine, is complemented by a full set of water jets and air blowers. In addition, they have a lighting system and different handles for various activities of aquatic exercise.

Swim spas do not only seek to look beautiful. It is about combining the functionality and usability they offer. The installation can be fully built-in or semi built-into the floor. In short words, a modern design, which is optimized to give a maximum comfort of its users.

Useful information

Can these swim spas be placed outside?
Yes, these swim spas can also be placed outside. It is necessary to provide access to the electrical connection and water source.

What is the average speed of the water?
The speed is enough to be able to swim against the current. The speed can be adjusted. The speed range is from 4 to 18 km / h.

What are the most common dimensions?
The average width is 1.4 meters. Length is from 4.5 to 6 meters.

Can be used as a hot tub?
Yes, swim spas can be used as standard hot tubs. They have water jets and can keep the water temperature in the optimal range of 36 to 40 degrees.

What swimming techniques can be performed?
The following techniques can be performed in swim spas: Breaststroke, backstroke, front crawl, sidestroke.

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Health benefits

Whether you choose outdoor or indoor hot tubs, it offers numerous opportunities for relaxation in your home every day of the year. Warm water and effective and versatile massage relaxes the muscles and relieves stress.

Hot tubs is easy to use and it is always ready for bathing. Best of all, it is for year round use. Good insulation and heating and filtering system ensure water remains at a desired temperature. You can enjoy a relaxing bath whenever you want.

Using the hot tub

Indoor or interior spas and outdoor or exterior hot tubs, offer endless opportunities to relax at your own home every day of the year. Spas give you a high health beneficial component. The hot water and the powerful massage relax muscles and arteries, helping to reduce stress.

A jacuzzi is really comfortable and easy to use due to the fact that is always prepared to take a bath. As well as that, thanks to its heating system, the filtration equipment and cover the tub, you can enjoy a nice hot bath at any time of day. On the other hand, the spas are very easy to maintain. The cleaning agent is added once a week and the water is changed every six months.

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