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  To choose the perfect place where to place your spa could become a headache for people who have decided to complete their home with a special space where to rest and recover after a hard day.   The different sizes and capacities available in the spa market makes it possible that there is a […]

  Is it possible to recharge our body after a long working day? Relaxing and reduce our stress and anxiety levels can be a reality if you get the most out of your baths in the spa. The environment and our five senses can be essential to enjoy the moment, Do you want to know […]

In a world where water is the an essential element that gives sense to life and its a limited but indispensable element, it’s necessary to search ways to do a good responsible and intelligence use of water when we have an spa.   But how to achieve it? With a correct spa maintenance you don’t […]

Did you know colours could influence in your mood? When you choose a colour, did you know this colour could be sending a message to the rest of the world?   Studies explain colours produce different experiences in people, for this reason each colour affect in different way. This explain why at hospital, colours usually […]

Are you searching for options to get wellness and rest moments after a hard day? One of the best options to enjoy the moment is a bathtub, a peaceful place where you can forget everything and be happy.   Do you know how whirlpool were born?  Hot tubs originated in the 20th century invented by […]

How to achieve that the stress of the day doesn’t kill you? Is it possible forget your hard day and relax some minutes? For people, their home is a perfect hiding place to think about your day and to place your thoughts in order. The organisation and the election of everything in your home can […]

Water is a part of our daily life and gives us a lot of benefits to improve our health and get our daily life to feel better. In addition, it’s the perfect ally during sport because it helps to activate our body, improves our physical abilities and reduces stress. Water exercise helps athletes not only […]

    Time plays an important role in our daily life, for this reason it’s important to make the best use of it. We need to recharge our energy due to the rhythm of life and the stress caused by our routines. To achieve this, it’s a good idea to make the most of each […]