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Doing sport every day is the best medicine we can give to our body. It is a guarantee of vitality and health and the best way to keep us alive.   There’s a perfect sport for each person, it’s important to find the one that suits you best and then begin to practise it. If […]

Autumn’s here and although temperatures is not normal for this period of the year, the first and last moment of day we need to put on a jacket. These days we prefer to spend more time in our house instead of the exterior but it’s important to keep our exterior areas in perfect conditions. Enjoying […]

Entry into the bubbles bath and live news sensations is always a secure bet. Nevertheless, a way to guarantee that each bath will be perfect is establish the elements to get relaxation will be the most important thing. To get it, it is not only enough to choose the place where we will install our […]

  Nowadays people live more years and it’s important that during this period of time we can enjoy it intensively and not have any problems. To achieve this quality of life, it’s necessary to take care of your body and mind. Do you want to look younger for a longer time? A spa could be […]

When we have to choose the perfect place to install a Jacuzzi, we can have some doubts. Nevertheless one of the best options, and most especially in summer, is to enjoy the water outdoors. Sun in the morning and evening breeze could be incentives in each bath with bubbles. On the other hand, sun also […]

Each experience inside a spa should be unique. It dosen’t matter what you are searching when you go inside a spa, every time it will be different, feeling bubbles should be a synonym of happiness. And you, how do you think you can achieve it?  The most important thing is to get the spas to […]

Do you know the power of bubbles? Their definition says that they are simply air portions with a short life but they can help you to live 360º experiences that remain perennially in your memory.    360º experiences It’s only necessary to submerge your feet into the spa to enjoy the possibilities it offers you. […]

  There is a sport, which is characterized by its capacity to help all parts of the body. In addition it’s also less aggressive for our joints. It’s swimming. No matter the age or the physical condition, you only need to jump into the pool and begin to improve every day. Sometimes the fact that […]

  What’s your perfect plan to finish a hard day?  You probably can think of some plan related with resting. In Progibespa we help you with the answer. We would propose to disconnect from the world and connect with yourself. Do you know how to achieve it? Simply by putting a Spa in your life, or even […]

  Listening to our body and offer it what it needs is the first step to achieve that our health does not resent.   But, Do you know how to achieve it?   The key to all this process is water. We are made out of water and all the vital components around us are […]