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  In summer do you spend long hours exposed to the sun in the Jacuzzi, hot tub or swimming pool? Or do you prefer to enjoy water and bubbles only for a few minutes?, it is important you protect your body from the sun. Especially, in the middle hours of the day. In ProgibeSPA we […]

  Feet are one of the most important parts of our body. They carry our entire bodies weight and allows us to move. Nevertheless, in most cases, we don’t protect them like we should and we suffer problems that complicate our daily life   How to take care of this part of the body? Spas […]

    From last Friday, 28th  April, to Monday 1st  May, we have been in the X edition of the Denia Boat Show. The exhibition which managed to overcome the bad weather of the first two days, exceeded all expectations. On the last two days of the event, the 13.000 m2 of exposition and the […]

    From 28 April to 1 may, Progibespa team will be represented at the Denia Boat Show.  It will be the first time that we participate in this event that is celebrating its tenth edition at “Marina de Denia”. In addition, it  is a privilege for Progibespa and Gibeller to be two of the […]

Spring has arrived and days are starting to get longer and our desire to enjoy the sun and the exterior places increase every day. Terraces and gardens always keep great anecdotes and memories. A dinner with friends, a family afternoon, this sensation of freedom that we have when we breathe clean air or the views […]

Do you know that keeping yourself active during the pregnancy could help you improve your physical and mental state? Walking or practising some sport that you normally practise regularly can help you in your gestation period. Nevertheless, is important that the sport does not implicate unnecessary risks like impacts, drops, etc. Nothing better that swimming […]

  From the moment, we get up until the moment we go to bed 12 hours go by, more or less. Most of this time, we spend it working in front of the computer o doing other kind of activities for which our body is not prepared. This increases back pains that avoid us to […]

  Spas and Little places ¿Friends or enemies?   Are spas and little places incompatible aspects? The answer is negative We needn’t big places to experience all the possibilities that a spa offers you. You only need to have necessary conditions and optimize the space. A little bedroom inside your home or a corner in the […]

The best plans, for strange that this may seem, are often the plans which have been quickly organized and people don’t have many expectations but always are shared with friends and family. There are many kinds of plans and a lot of ways to have the best plans, so sometimes is difficult to find the […]

One of most popular questions when people buy a spa is if they will be able to use it in winter or, on the other hand, if the spa can only be used in the summer. In Progibespa we say yes to the first question because winter is a perfect period of year to enjoy […]