ProGibe SPA

ProGibe SPA

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A long lasting simple and economical solution Economical Thanks to its method of manufacture, the ProGibespa models are more affordable…

ProGibe SPA Niagara

5.990 €

AHORA 3.990 €

  • Number of people6
  • Jets21
  • Size213 x 213 x 81 cm

ProGibe SPA Geysir

4.990 €

  • Number of people2
  • Jets14
  • Size198 x 175 x 81 cm

ProGibe SPA Lagoon

5.490 €

  • Number of people5
  • Jets16
  • Size198 x 173 x 81cm

ProGibe SPA Victoria

5.990 €

  • Number of people7
  • Jets23
  • Size213 x 213 x 81 cm

ProGibe SPA Crossover

6.690 €

  • Number of people6
  • Jets30
  • Size203 cm x 203 cm x 91 cm

An entirely new breed of leisure spas. We have taken a trusted, proven technology to levels so advanced that it will change the future of the spa market. With a great variety of colours, LED lighting inside and outside and the spa jets in stainless steel make these spas integrate into any space. 100% manufactured in USA.



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