Italian collection

Italian collection

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Jacuzzi® is the largest manufacturer of spas in the market of hydromassage hot tubs with more than 40,000 units manufactured…

Lodge Jacuzzi®

7.990 €

  • Number of people5
  • Jets32
  • Size200 cm x 185 cm x 90 cm

Unique Jacuzzi®

10.290 €

  • Number of people3
  • Jets14
  • Size190 x 150 x 80 cm

City Spa Jacuzzi®

10.990 €

  • Number of people2
  • Jets20
  • Size160 x 150 x 75 cm

Delfi Jacuzzi®

12.990 €

  • Number of people4
  • Jets16
  • Size190 x 190 x 80 cm

Delos Jacuzzi®

13.900 €

  • Number of people4 - 5
  • Jets16
  • Size215 x 190 x 80 cm

Santorini Pro Jacuzzi®

22.900 €

  • Number of people5 - 7
  • Jets29
  • Size230 x 215 x 90 cm

Profile Jacuzzi®

28.900 €

  • Number of people5 - 6
  • Jets31
  • Size235 x 211 x 93 cm

Profile – Jacuzzi brings elegance to your home

The Jacuzzi-Profile includes the whole concept of Wellness and relaxation. The lineal and elegant design provides a contemporary and comfortable style. This comfortable jacuzzi is designed for those who want to enjoy the luxury and relaxation on a daily basis. The spa will make you forget the daily stress and allow you to recharge energy and gain in wellness. The jacuzzi has one lounger, surround–sound system with sub-woofer, stainless steel water jets, an aromatherapy system, adjustable lighting system and water disinfection system. Furthermore, this system incorporates a new jacuzzi improved filtration system. The Profile-Jacuzzi is the best choice for those who want to invest in their personal welfare and have a Wellness experience on a daily basis.



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