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Gibeller, over 90 years offering quality and service.

Menestyja_2013AAA-logo-2013-FI-300x187ProGibe Spa is one of the leading companies in the market of spas. Currently we import and sell spas for both individuals and private entities. The spas we import are recognized worldwide for their high quality. At this moment we are one of the few suppliers of the Jacuzzi® brand, one of the most recognized brands in the market of spas.

The spa brings an added luxury to your daily routine.

The security checks that our products have gone through for years, allow us to ensure that our spas adapt to any environment and space. All of our spas are well known for their high energy efficiency and maintainability of the purity of water, primary features in a spa. All of our spas are designed to have an easy maintenance, and also, have a long durability without a major maintenance needs.

Quality, luxury and confidence

ProGibe Spa guarantees you pleasant moments of wellness and relaxation. Choose your spa according to your needs and desires and we will deliver it to you as soon as possible because we strive every day to achieve:

  • Personalized attention to our customers
  • Fast delivery of the Product
  • We search the maximum customer satisfaction.

We want to offer you the highest quality combined with the most innovative technology and the most advanced spas manufacturing method. We offer our customers a full service that includes the purchase of the spa, home delivery, the water maintenance products, the maintenance service, and personal attention.

Spas are designed to have a comfortable use, they are always ready to be used, and therefore, a spa is ideal to offer you a relaxing experience every day of the year.





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