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5 benefits of swimming when you are pregnant


Do you know that keeping yourself active during the pregnancy could help you improve your physical and mental state?

Walking or practising some sport that you normally practise regularly can help you in your gestation period. Nevertheless, is important that the sport does not implicate unnecessary risks like impacts, drops, etc.

Nothing better that swimming to share with your future baby?

Swimming is one of the most complete sports that exist and it could be your ally if you decide to practise it when you are pregnant. ¿Do you want to discover what are the main benefits? This are the most important:


  1. Improve your blood circulation

Water has a positive effect in the blood circulation system, activating it. This, helps to improve and prevent the most common problems in the pregnancy like swollen legs or varicose veins.


  1. Help to moderate your weight

Physical activity avoids you to put on weight. In addition, practising sport in the water can help you to feel more agile and active, so it makes it easier to overcome this period.


  1. Tone the muscles

Swimming is considered a complete sport. With this sport, we can train arms, legs and back. In addition, the water sport build up the muscular elasticity and the flexibility of the joints.


  1. It is a good option to relax

The contact with water always is a good way to avoid the stress and to relax. When you are pregnant on top off all the normal routine you have in your life you must add all the activities and work needed before the baby arrive. This, sometimes, cause stress and nervousness, items that could damage you and your baby. Water can make your body relax an allows you to disconnect and enjoy de moment.


  1. Can help to prepare the delivery

Exercise in the water is also beneficial if we have into account the delivery moment. The muscular enhanced and the water exercise that we did in the swimming pool will be your ally when the moment arrives.


Swimming is a safe sport to practise when you are pregnant. Nevertheless, it depends on each woman. For this issue, we recommend you that if you are pregnant, consult with a doctor before doing any kind of activity. It is important that a specialist values your situation and gives you a personal advice for your health and the health of your future baby.

On the other hand, it’s important that you consider other kind of items when you want to practise sport during your pregnancy. If you want to practise swimming, it’s important to go into the water backwards, have a safe footwear and change the wet clothes as soon as possible.


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