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How to reduce back pain without pills?



From the moment, we get up until the moment we go to bed 12 hours go by, more or less. Most of this time, we spend it working in front of the computer o doing other kind of activities for which our body is not prepared. This increases back pains that avoid us to enjoy daily life fully.


Back Pain is among the most common and widespread diseases and there are a lot of people who suffer it. Sometimes we take analgesics to relieve pain. Nevertheless, pills only relive us for a few hours but really, they don’t finish with the ache.

Do you want to reduce your back pains and improve your physic and metal health?


In Progibespa, we have something to propose you


The combination between hot water and the pressure of the jets can be the best recipe to say goodbye to your low back problems that you have suffered during years.


Do you not believe us? Do you want to discover the main benefits to have a interior spa or an exterior jacuzzi to improve your quality of live and reduce the back pains?

We list them below:


Help to relax the muscles

One of the main causes of back pain is related with the tension that we submit our muscles to. For this reason, the heat of the water detach, is important to improve this tension because it penetrates in the muscles and acts like a pain reliever and gets to relax the tired and sore muscles.

Nowadays, spas are designed to improve the people’s health so the jets design is thought to relieve each main parts of the body. The air and water mixture offers different massage actions aimed to reduce the muscular stress, enhance the blood circulation and improve the nerve pressure.


Is suitable to each people’s needs

Is doesn’t matter how old, the weight or the height of each one of the person that suffer the problem, because jets are suitable for each different muscles group. The intensity and pressure of the jets can be regulated per individual requirements.


It is an ideal addition to reduce the stress

Sometimes the back pains are the consequence of the stress we suffer daily. It is important to have a moment for us to forget the day and to enjoy a little moment. Have a place where to create a wellness place can be enough to revitalize the brain and to finish with the bodily tensions. In addition, if you have an exterior spa in which only the sights are a motivation, this could enhance the feeling of comfort and finish with worries and the upset that you have.

Health is one of the most appreciated treasure that we have so it’s important to take care of it and to give it things that we need. Learning how to listen to our body and satisfy its needs is the best thing we can do to rise our quality of life and to enjoy the benefits of our daily life.


Are you convinced? Do you want to reduce your muscles aches? In our showrooms in San Juan or in our shop in Denia we can advise you to adapt the possibilities of the spa to your health.