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Original Christmas plans

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The best plans, for strange that this may seem, are often the plans which have been quickly organized and people don’t have many expectations but always are shared with friends and family. There are many kinds of plans and a lot of ways to have the best plans, so sometimes is difficult to find the best one for us. Sometimes it isn’t necessary to leave your house. Have you got a spa? In Progibespa we can give you some ideas to become the perfect host during these days.

At Christmas, the most important plans are those that involve lunches or dinners because this kind of plans are the social plans par excellence. In Progibespa we want that this Christmas are different and you have the best moments to begin the year, relating this with the possibilities that your spa can offer your.

Do you want to discover them?


1. Organise a party

As we commented above, at Christmas we have a lot of lunches and dinners scheduled to enjoy with family and friends. If this year you are the host, why not encourage your friends to bring their swimsuit? It doesn’t matter that its winter. This period is perfect to enjoy the contrast between the cold weather and the hot spa water. An original option that could make your traditional dinner or lunch be different and impress your guests would be to give them the possibility to discover the perfect sensation to be in contact with bubbles. This could be a good idea!


2. Spend time with yourself

Even if you don’t have holidays, the festivity days at Christmas allow us some days to rest. Choose some of this days and take advantage of them. Begin with a bubble bath to disconnect and let the wellness be the most important thing of the day.

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3. Surprise your partner

The most especial presents are not the wrapped presents, the best presents are the ones that you enjoy with your partner having in mind their preferences and personality.  This year we recommend you to forget the material gifts and surprise your partner with a romantic plan where spa plays an important role. We are sure that you will not forget it.

Couple - Romantic Evening

4. A different way to eat the grapes

Do you spend New Year’s Eve at Home? Make the special occasion even more memorable. Forget the conventionalisms and bet to begin the 2017 between bubbles.  Eat the twelve grapes and get to the new year full of health, relax and happiness.

Have  our proposals conviced you? Make Christmas a time where memories will become one of your best treasures.