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4 ideas to enjoy the spa in winter


One of most popular questions when people buy a spa is if they will be able to use it in winter or, on the other hand, if the spa can only be used in the summer.

In Progibespa we say yes to the first question because winter is a perfect period of year to enjoy a bubble bath. Enjoying the 37 degrees in the water in the middle of a winter weather is one of the best sensations we can experience to get away from problems and get into a absolute relaxation mood.

For these reasons and because we want your spa to take a part of your life, we are going to give you some advice to enjoy the jacuzzi in the coldest period of the year.


1. Don’t consider the moment when you’re going in and out of the spa.

If you think about the moment of going in and out of the spa and take into consideration the cold weather it’s possible that you don’t go into the spa. Nevertheless, you only need a few seconds to go in and experience the best moment of the day.


2. Cover your spa correctly.

Select a good cover for your hot tub so that it allows you to keep the water hot. This will help you to have your spa ready to enjoy it.


3. Take advantage of the environment.

If you can enjoy beautiful views, don’t hesitate to do so! Take full advantage of exterior places and don’t miss the opportunity to observe the landscape possibilities.


4. Allow children to enjoy the experience.

The warm water is a good option for life family experiences. Forge the winter and live moments in the bubbles with all the family, is a way to share unforgettable moments.

spa interior


Have we resolved your doubts? The spa also can take part in your life during the coldest days of the year. In Progibespa we encourage you to include the spa in your winter plans and let it become a partner to disconnect from your daily life.