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Water & sport, the perfect mix

Aqua fit play

Doing sport every day is the best medicine we can give to our body. It is a guarantee of vitality and health and the best way to keep us alive.   There’s a perfect sport for each person, it’s important to find the one that suits you best and then begin to practise it. If you haven’t found the best sport for you, you should try sports related with water. The combination between water & sport si always a sure bet.

In our blog we have spoken many times about the benefits of practising sports in water. These benefits not only are related with the sport as such but also with the recovery after it.

In Progibespa we want to show you the perfect combination: a training centre that at the same time, helps you to improve your health.

A high performance centre with six metres long that helps you to improve your physical condition and to get better abilities.


Do you Know what we are talking about?

Swimspas, yes!


Aqua fit Sport


Do you want to discover their benefits?


1. Practise sport at home

Install a swim spa in the interior or exterior of your home and plan your training sessions when you want, so you needn’t pay attention to gym schedules.


2. Enjoy a relaxing bath after sport

Take advantage of the whirlpool in the swimspa and regenerate your body after your training session.


3. Exercise different parts of your body

The place and features of the jets in this kind of pools are thought for working different muscle groups.


4. Get relax as quickly as possible

Sport is a good ally to release our daily tension. For this reason, a set of exercise or some swim laps with a bubbles bath after that, helps to enjoy the moment and recharge our batteries.


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