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Prepare the spa for winter

Autumn’s here and although temperatures is not normal for this period of the year, the first and last moment of day we need to put on a jacket.

These days we prefer to spend more time in our house instead of the exterior but it’s important to keep our exterior areas in perfect conditions.

Enjoying the warm water while you observe the stars is a perfect sensation that you can experience at this time. But it could be that with the cold weather you have doubts about having a bath or spend more time in the house and don’t use the spa.


Do you want to prepare your spa for the winter? Here we propose some ideas


1. Cover

Covers are an essential element to maintain our spa because it allows us to keep the water clean during more time and protect it against other things like insects. If you choose a elevator cover you needn’t do any effort to put on and off the cover every time that you decide to use your Jacuzzi.

Cover Cover spa


2. Spa protector

If you want to protect your spa better, you also need a breathable and water-resistant cover that protects it against adverse weather conditions and helps to maintain it in perfect conditions. It’s an advisable option.

There are different sizes and colours. The election depends on your preferences and the size of the spa.

Cover SPA


3. Hut

This is a more exclusive and sophisticated option that protects your spa and allows you more privacy when you decide to have a bath. In addition, it can be automatic and you only need to press a button and in a few seconds you have your spa ready. It has a good insulation option so you can enjoy warm water during more time.



¿Do you want to protect your spa easily?

If you need more information about the different types of covers, write us an email: and we will help you.