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Recharge your energy let the jets work




Time plays an important role in our daily life, for this reason it’s important to make the best use of it. We need to recharge our energy due to the rhythm of life and the stress caused by our routines. To achieve this, it’s a good idea to make the most of each bath so let the jets and their power massage each part of your body and let yourself get carried along.


Do you want to discover how jets act on each body part?



The neck is a part of the body which accumulates a lot of pressure. For this reason,  we need them with constant water outlet to help release the stress.


Shoulders, back and lower back

Jets, which are located in these body parts, are aimed to revitalize muscles and reduce pressure points. To achieve this, you not only need the traditional massage but also these small machines that will allow to change the intensity so that they can work better in specific pressure points.



Hands and wrists

Little muscle groups located in hands and wrist also require specific jets to get a general welfare.



Whether you are sportive person or not, legs usually are overload because of the work that they are submitted to. Jets that give you a good massage in our calf muscles are an ally to get your body relax and revitalized.




Feet support our full weight, so they need a special treatment and bubbles help them to keep alive.




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