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Baths with integrated shade

When we have to choose the perfect place to install a Jacuzzi, we can have some doubts. Nevertheless one of the best options, and most especially in summer, is to enjoy the water outdoors. Sun in the morning and evening breeze could be incentives in each bath with bubbles. On the other hand, sun also could become our enemy when we decide to entry into de spa and in these cases shade is our only ally. For this reason, in Progibespa we have some solutions to enjoy a bath in the shade.


Do you want to know which ?


  1. Choose a pergola structure

A Pergola is the most recurrent option to get our spa protected against sun. In addition it gives many esthetical solutions to get a lovely looking place.




  1. What do you think about an umbrella?

On of the most practical options to get a shade at the spa is an umbrellas. There are a multitude of designs and formats. Find the option that suit you best and make the relaxation place that you are searching for.




  1. Trees

If you are one of those who commit with being eco-friendly and you look for a natural solution, put the spa in a place where there are trees. It provides shade and it could be another ambiance decoration complement.


  1. If you choose a sunblind?

There are a lot of possibilities if you want to create shades. Sunblind and other textile solutions have an important advantage because they create a lot of shade. But it’s important to choose well because they can ruin the aesthetics of the place.



  1.   Other originals ideas

It exists other originals ideas to deal with sun and to make shade, for example use a boat’s sail to cover the spa zone or use different fabrics to do a chill out ambiance where the spa can be the main character.

And you, what option would you choose?