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Sunrise Spa, maximize the experience and minimize the requirements 

Each experience inside a spa should be unique. It dosen’t matter what you are searching when you go inside a spa, every time it will be different, feeling bubbles should be a synonym of happiness.


And you, how do you think you can achieve it? 

The most important thing is to get the spas to adapt each customer’s needs, this is a key to get the most out of the bath.

Sunrise spas have been working for over three decades rewarding family lives in more than 50 countries thanks to the implication of its managers who want to maximize the bathers experience and minimize the maintenance requirements.



What are the key features of Sunrise’s models? 

Spas have a patented insulation and filtration system to reduce the maintenance and operating costs.

In addition, spas have an ergonomically enhanced design with perfect and control jets to live a unique hydrotherapy experience. Illuminating LED system and the quality of materials complete each spa.


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