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4 water exercises to keep fit without much effort


There is a sport, which is characterized by its capacity to help all parts of the body. In addition it’s also less aggressive for our joints. It’s swimming. No matter the age or the physical condition, you only need to jump into the pool and begin to improve every day.

Sometimes the fact that we don’t have enough time to go to a public swimming pool or that we don’t have enough space to install one at home blocks our goal. Nevertheless you can enjoy the benefits of swimming with a swim spa because they take up a small amount of space and are perfect for the diary workout.


Have you already decided for a pool like this? We have some advises and tips as how to get your physical condition and your health improve without realising it.


1. Run in the water

The same way that salmons do to arrive to their destination; take advantage of the counter current flows to do some running. This will help you to improve your muscles and joints. Cross the pool from side to side and repeat this action various times.


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2. Do the bycicle

Extend your arms and hold on to the edge of the pool and do circular movements with your legs.



3. Raise your legs

Also holding to the edge of the pool, raise and bend your legs. First, the left leg and then the right and afterwards both of them.


4. Move your arms

Seated in the pool and with the water at shoulder level, raise up and down your arms. Repeat this action many times and try not to bring out of the water your arms.


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Begin gradually and increase the intensity every week. Take advantage of good weather and enjoy your swim spa. With this you will meet your goals.

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