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Spa, the perfect plan for you


What’s your perfect plan to finish a hard day?  You probably can think of some plan related with resting. In Progibespa we help you with the answer. We would propose to disconnect from the world and connect with yourself. Do you know how to achieve it? Simply by putting a Spa in your life, or even better in your home.

Create a wellness space in your own home and take advantage in enjoying bubbles in privacy with the people you love.

Unlike what you might think, there’s a spa for each person. In Progibespa we want to show you how it’s possible that each spa fulfils with your expectations and needs:


1. Choose the perfect place to install it

Have you though where to install the spa? If there is an important thing when you want to buy a spa is to have thought of a space to install it. Nevertheless you don’t need a garden or a big space to have one. A terrace or an indoor area could be a good option too as long as these areas meet the requirements of weight and humidity.

Spa City Spa by Jacuzzi embedded on the floor


2. Determine what use you are going to give it

Nowadays spas offer many possibilities based on each person’s needs. Are you a sports man and your goal is that the spa helps you with recovery? Would you like to spend good moments in your free time with the spa as a main feature? Are you going to use it alone or you prefer to life these experiences with your family and friends


– Size

The size of the spa depends on the place you have chosen for it but it is also important how the spa will be used. If the spa is only to enjoy with your couple the best option is a Jacuzzi for two people but you can choose a spa for 6 or 8 people if your idea is to enjoy these moments with family and friends.

Spa Geysir from Progibespa from 2 people


– Features.

The features of the spa will be determined by your wishes. You can choose the number of jets, the different systems or the different circuits.

everest ambiente


3. Consider the design

The final design of the spa is important when you want the spa of your dreams. Don’t worry because there are many shapes, colours and finishes that allow you to have the spa which you are thinking off.

rio-200 ambiente
Rounded Spa by Wellis
Spa J-585 by Jacuzzi


In Progibespa, our professionals will be pleased to resolve all your doubts. Write to us at and we will give you all the information you need.