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The five senses of the bath


Is it possible to recharge our body after a long working day? Relaxing and reduce our stress and anxiety levels can be a reality if you get the most out of your baths in the spa.

The environment and our five senses can be essential to enjoy the moment, Do you want to know how?



The sense of sight allow us to captures the environment through our eyes. For this reason, decoration is very important to get the perfect ambiance. The spa can be the most importance piece in the room but we should consider other aspects like colours, organization and decoration. Chromotherapy can also be fundamental to help us relax.

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To get relaxation, it is important to place the spa in a calm space without noises that can damage the bathing moment. Relaxing music can be a big help to allows us to forget everything and enjoy the moment.



The sense of the smell and emotional behaviour are linked together due to the fact that smells arrive though the hypothalamus and the limbic system. This explains why aromatherapy affects our mood. It is important to create warm ambiances with aromas that can calm us down like lavender. Aromatic candles are another option to get a peaceful time in your spa.



The contact between bubbles and body is enough to make us enjoy the moment.

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The sense of taste in our spa can have little implication as is unadvisable to eat in the water because we could dirty the water. Nevertheless, why not enjoy the moment with a candy, which will allow us to have a savour the experience?