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Fantastic Colours Therapy Experience

Did you know colours could influence in your mood? When you choose a colour, did you know this colour could be sending a message to the rest of the world?


Studies explain colours produce different experiences in people, for this reason each colour affect in different way.

This explain why at hospital, colours usually are lights to transmit peaceful or colour red is used in sales because transmit urgency.

Colours affect our mood but it also can be help to our physic state. Colour therapy is a method used since Egyptians years and explains how colour effects would affect to the organism, so colours are capable to treat diseases.

One important place to enjoy this kind of therapy is in the spa. The mixture between water and colours can help to improve people’s health. Light my mood system focus chromo therapy in four colours. Each colour has a specific effect in the different parts of the body.

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Do you want what colours are relationships with each illness?



 Colour green has a strong link to the nature, for this reason green is relationship with tranquillity and calm. This colour is the best to improve health problems like chronic insomnia, heart problems, upset mental stat, skin irritations or high blood pressure.



This colour could cause strong physics and emotional reactions so this is perfect to cure state of depression, stress, rheumatism fever, constipation or asthmatics problems.



Colour yellow is a bright colour, which transmit fun and pleasure. This colour is reputed to help with digestion problems, wariness, depression diabetes, flu, colds or chronic depression.



We link this colour with sky and sea and this transmit calm and peaceful. For this reasons it is useful in health problems like relief of menstrual cramps, function of throat and glands, heart rhythm, pulse headache or toothache..


Are you ready to test the colour therapy?