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The evolution of Whirlpool

Are you searching for options to get wellness and rest moments after a hard day?

One of the best options to enjoy the moment is a bathtub, a peaceful place where you can forget everything and be happy.


Do you know how whirlpool were born?

 Hot tubs originated in the 20th century invented by Jacuzzi. Seven brothers founded the company. The first period they made planes and after that they specialized in hydraulics pumps for agriculture. The idea of hot tubs emerged as a result of the illness of a child from one of the brother’s. To calm his pains, the father had the idea to connect a pump into de bath during hydrotherapic sessions. Some years after, the family realized the commercial potential in that invention and one of them developed larger bathing units with built-in heating and filtration systems were introduced to accommodate groups of bathers, thus creating the first hot tub. For this reason, Jacuzzi is the first name to name this kind of baths.


How did hot tubs evolve?

The function of this first hot tub was to produce a jet of air to create the rotation of the water thanks to the hydraulic pump. Over the years, hot tubs have adapted with the technical progress and every day they are developing to improve the experience for each person and to create a unique experience. Nowadays hot tubs offer us different things like a lot of intensity and different position of the jets, illumination systems, which offers chromo therapy or aromatherapy.


New applications

People’s perceptions about hot tubs have also changed. In the early days, hot tubs were thought for a therapeutic purpose they were mainly placed in hospitals and other health centres. Some years after, the perception of hot tubs had changed. People saw the enjoyable part of this product and the hydrotherapy benefits grew causing spas to became a product, which improved the quality of the houses. Nowadays the concept of hot tubs has increased and hot tubs are common in houses but also in other kind of places like hotels with spas which improves people experience in this kind of places.