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Create attractive spaces where wellness and health become a main characteristic. Therefore, we would like to present you the new series of spas for professional use, ideal to generate more attractive hotels, wellness centers, houses, sports centers, gymnasiums or other public spaces where the comfort and customer satisfaction will be highly achieved.

The wellness industry is growing significantly due to its relation with welfare and health, that is why more and more hotels and specialized centers are offering a wider range of services as to achieve the tranquility and relaxation of their customers.

The hot tubs are also an important key for the recovery of athletes after their workouts, therefore athletes are seeking more and more for gyms covering both their athletic and recovery needs, this fact is making sports centers offer wellness areas within their facilities.

Get real wellness charming spaces where the quality of spas joins the functionality and easy maintenance. Contact us and our professional staff will advise you.

Alimia Blower Jacuzzi®

25.790 €

  • Number of people8
  • Jets28
  • Size⌀ 237 cm

Enjoy Base Jacuzzi®

18.900 €

  • Number of people6
  • Jets18
  • Size250 x 250 x 98 cm

Enjoy Top Jacuzzi®

20.900 €

  • Number of people6
  • Jets38
  • Size250 x 250 x 98 cm

Virginia Jacuzzi®

26.590 €

  • Number of people6
  • Jets34
  • Size257 cm x 219 cm x 98 cm


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