Inground hot tubs & spas

Create a diaphanous ambiance where spa will be perfectly integrated in the area. An in-ground spa is a perfect option that can add a distinctive touch to your home. Where is the perfect place to emplace it? In-ground spas are ideals in exterior places like terraces or gardens and they are also a good option in interior places like a bath or a wellness area. Take advantages of your home and make the spa the perfect complement which you can enjoy in your free time and which will allow you to rest and break your daily routines.

Alimia Blower Jacuzzi®

25.790 €

  • Number of people8
  • Jets28
  • Size⌀ 237 cm

Enjoy Base Jacuzzi®

18.900 €

  • Number of people6
  • Jets18
  • Size250 x 250 x 98 cm

Sienna Blower Jacuzzi®

25.090 €

  • Number of people7
  • Jets30
  • Size257 cm x 219 cm x 98 cm

Virginia Jacuzzi®

26.590 €

  • Number of people6
  • Jets34
  • Size257 cm x 219 cm x 98 cm

City Spa Jacuzzi®

10.990 €

  • Number of people2
  • Jets20
  • Size160 x 150 x 75 cm


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